Networking and working in oral marketing has become a key business skill. We are aware of this intuitively. But how well do we do it? Do we set goals and tasks, as in the case of other business projects and marketing initiatives? When I talk to other business professionals, I find that I am fully aware of the value and strength of the network, but they often have a high-risk approach to networking. Here are some thoughts and advice on how to be spectacularly effective as a network professional.

The image that you are getting spectacular network results.

What does this mean? What goals would you achieve? Who would you network with? What problems would these spectacular network effects solve? These are important questions and your network activity should be based on answers to these questions.

Have you ever gone to a networking event and mixed up a little, talked to several people and then left? These results were certainly less than spectacular. Did you leave without any meetings? Did you leave after getting only a few business cards from people to continue with, or maybe even none? Did you leave without even thinking with someone, or did you not take any follow-up action? If so, you lost time to attend the event.

I suggest an approach at a networking event, which is practically guaranteed to bring your networks to a spectacular level.

This is what I propose:

Don’t even think about trying to sell at a networking event. Focus on building networks. Focus on helping others build a network or helping others to reach people who could benefit from their products or services. In short, help others. If you are trying to sell at a party, you are playing a hit or missed the game. If people don’t need or want what you’re selling, you don’t have a chance to sell, and if you’re still trying, you’ll only turn people off and they’ll get closer to you. This is the last thing you want to achieve. This is a rare network event that gives you the opportunity to sell and I hope it’s not news for you.

Imagine changing your thoughts about networks to those from building networks, not those where you are trying to make a sale. What would happen if you changed your network approach from “selling” to get to know as many people as possible and then getting them to introduce you to someone who can use the product?

People usually respond well to anyone who helps them achieve what they want. So shouldn’t you try to find out how you can help as many people as possible? Become a source of commands for them. If you help them, they will respond in nature, helping to reach as many people as possible. Learn how to help the people you meet.

Once you have replaced the “selling” attitude with “helping” attitude. You are ready to move on to the next phase. This is where things can be really interesting. Now is the time to focus on making contact with the right people. To achieve spectacular results, you need to be online with the right people.

What are the characteristics of the right people – the right people for you?

Network with people who think like you. They are not to sell, but rather to help others and develop their network.

Network with people who are good at helping others.

Network with people who know the people you want to do business with.

Meet people who know many other people. For example, business leaders usually know many other people and other business leaders.

Where are these people?

Select events where not only are expected but also networking is encouraged.

Join a network group. One such group is BNI. BNI is a formalized network organization and focuses not on sales to the group, but rather on increasing the network of members and generating sales outside the group.

Participate in networking meetings where everyone does not try to sell to everyone else.

Watch people at the event who seem to know many other people. These people have spent a lot of time building their network. They can be extremely helpful as soon as you meet them.

If the event has a host of people who can help with the introduction, ask for an introduction to the people you want to meet. Remember that you want to meet people who will help you to build your network. You want to meet people you can help by expanding their network.

Always keep up to date in your search for “Power Networkers”. Power Networkers are people with the right characteristics.

How to meet these people?

Networking is the same as building relationships. Always remember that.

Ask to move in and then do your best to find out about the other person. If you cannot be introduced, introduce yourself. Always be honest.

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